Setup the Sunsynk Power Flow Card with a Lux Inverter


If you haven’t already, I recommend going back to the first article in the series and following it through otherwise some options in this article may not work as expected.

Card Install

The card can be installed via HACS with this link

Or if you dont use HACS, a manual installation can be found here


Add the Custom: Sunsynk Power Flow Card to your Dashboard view with the following base configuration:

System specific settings

Some of these settings will need to be adjusted based on the solar system it is for:

  • - This should be the total battery capacity in Watts
  • battery.shutdown_soc - This should be the percentage of battery that remains in the system when depleted
  • solar.mppts - this is the number of solar arrays in the system
  • energy_cost - this will be the entity for your energy provider price, if you don’t have this it can be removed
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