Integrate Solcast API with Home Assistant


As I further integrate my solar solution into my home, I have now added the Solcast API.

This API Allows you to plan your PV usage and if you should use cheap rate grid power to charge batteries in preparation for a low solar day, also with the use of specific Home Assistant cards, you can see how much solar is left for the day.


Head over to Solcast and create a new account, selecting the home user option.

Once an account is created and have verified, login and add a new site:

Solcast Hom Setup

It is not currently possible to implement two strings or two azimuth’s into the API, so I added two sites, one for East and one for West as I have two strings of 12 panels East and West facing.

Solcast PV solar HA integration

In order to see the data in Home Assistant add the following integration Solcast PV Solar OR if using HACS add a custom repository oziee/ha-solcast-solar and install the integration.

In Home Assistant go to Settings -> Devices & Services -> Add Integration search for Solcast PV Forecast and select it, when prompted enter the API key from the solcast website

This will then add the following entities to HA:

Solcast Entities
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