This article covers the deployment on the vCenter 6.0 VCSA, you will see that this process is radically different from previous processes.

  1. Download VCSA 6.0 from the VMware Website.
  2. Mount the ISO on your computer.
  3. go to the VCSA folder and install the VMware Client Intergration Plugin.
  4. launch vcsa-setup.html from the ISO.
  5. you will be prompted to Install or Upgrade, Choose Install
  6. Accept the terms and click next
  7. Enter the FQDN / IP and user details for an ESXi Host connect to target server
  8. wait for validation then click yes on the certificate warning.
  9. Enter the appliance name and root password. VCSA Root Password
  10. Select the install type, there are now 2 choices, you can either deploy the appliance as one virtual machine or two, when deploying as two virtual machines one would be the platform services controller and the second vCenter Server. Install Type

  11. Select the SSO type. You have the choice of setting up a new SSO Domain or joining an existing one if you already have one in place. sso_type

  12. select the size of the appliance, this ranges from Tiny (10 hosts, 100 VMs) to Large (1,000 hosts and 10,000 VMs) Appliance Size

  13. Select the datastore you would like vCenter to reside on, tick “Enable Thin Disk Mode” if you want the Appliance to be Thin Provisioned. Select Datastore
  14. Select the database type, either Use an embedded database or Oracle database. Select Database Type
  15. Fill in the Network settings as required, choosing the correct network / IP addressing required for your network. Network Settings
  16. vCenter will now begin to deploy. Deploying vCenter

You should now have a fully working vCenter Server Appliance 6.0, this install is much improved from previous versions and makes it much easier for basic users to get the appliance deployed.