I came across an issue today where I needed to reinstall terminal services licensing but when you do this licensing is lost and needs to be re-applied.

I managed to resolve this issue by copying the licensing db to a different folder and then re-installing terminal services and copying it back.

  1. stop Terminal Services Licensing service
  2. Copy c:\windows\system32\LServer\TLSLic.edb
  3. Paste the db to a different location
  4. Uninstall Terminal Services Licensing from add remove components
  5. Re-Install Terminal Services Licensing
  6. stop Terminal Services Licensing service
  7. copy the TLSLic.edb back to c:\windows\system32\LServer\ overwriting the new db that is in there
  8. start Terminal Services Licensing service

Now you will notice that TS Licensing is working and all of your licences still work.

NOTE You CANNOT move this to another server it is registered to that Licensing server!!!