There are multiple ways to tell if a virtual machine has thick or thin provisioned VM Disk. Below are some of the ways I am able to see this information:

VI Client (thick client)

  • Select the Virtual Machine
  • Choose Edit Settings
  • Select the disk you wish to check
  • look under Type

Web Client

Select your Host in Host and Cluster inventory -> Related Objects -> Virtual machines tab

  • Select your Host in Host and Cluster
  • click Related Objects
  • click Virtual machines tab


  • Launch PowerCLI
  • type: connect-viserver
  • Run this command:
    get-vm | Select Name, @{N="disktype";E={(Get-Harddisk $_).Storageformat}}
  • A list of all the virtual machines and disk types will be presented


  • Launch RV Tools and enter the vCenter IP Address or Name
  • Enter the login details or tick use windows credentials
  • Go to the “vDisk” tab